Take The Beach Everywhere You Go With This Handmade Jewelry

At its best, jewelry is more than just a bunch of shiny accessories. It represents who you are and it can show the true colors of your personality – and even your love for the ocean! 

This unique jewelry store makes one-of-a-kind accessories that look like you’ve taken the beach with you. Britta Boeckmann is a German designer and the owner of the BoldB studio, where she creates artisan jewelry in hopes of catching the beauty of Australian beach landscapes. Every piece is made by using real sand and blue resin and it’s 100% handmade.  

Boeckmann’s love for design started when she was a child. Since her father was an owner of a hardware store, she had easy access to lots of tools and different materials, which led to her creative side shining through. When she moved to Australia in 2013, she started experimenting with wood after joining a local carpentry course. This experience helped her learn different techniques that allowed her to create charming pieces of jewelry.

Her hobby soon became her business and she has devoted herself to creating outstanding wearable pieces of art ever since.   

As you will see from the pictures below, the results are amazing and every piece carries its own beautiful story.