In the Mood for Mexican Food? We’ve Got You Covered

While we continue to test the waters of life after the pandemic, dining out is still far from ideal. In the meanwhile, we result to cooking at home. This week, we introduce you to one of the spiciest food bloggers when it comes to Mexican food—Oklahoma City-based Isabel Orozco-Moore. Her recipes are easy to follow, meaning even beginners can come along for the ride.

Scrolling through Orozco-Moore’s Instagram page will have you drooling. A first-generation Mexican-American, her recipes offer a blend of authentic Mexican food and Mexican-inspired dishes. Recent posts include Asian-Inspired Chicken Tacos topped with crunchy broccoli slaw and super flavorful Quinoa Black Bean Chili.

According to Orozco-Moore, she draws her inspiration from her mom’s authentic Mexican cooking: “My mum’s red enchiladas will always have a special place in my heart,” she gushed in an interview with National Geographic.

“The sauce is made with a blend of guajillo, ancho, and arbol chilies and a small piece of Mexican chocolate. No fancy stuffing either—just a handful of Mexican cheese and diced onions.”

Orozco-Moore absolute favorite Mexican dish? Tacos. “Especially carnitas tacos made in the slow cooker,” she explains. “The shredded pork is highly seasoned and tender—perfect for scooping into a homemade corn tortilla and topping with queso fresco [Mexican white cheese], coriander and onions.”

Check out her blog and follow her on Instagram for more.