Incredible Paper Art Inspired by Plant and Flower Motifs

We are amazed again and again by the incredible things talented people can do with paper. This time our attention was captured by the works of JUDiTH + ROLFE, an artistic duo who create amazing paper art inspired by plants and flowers.

JUDiTH + ROLFE is comprised out of artist Daphne Judith Lee and her husband Jamie Rolfe Sneed, who handles the business and logistics. The two met in New York City while working in the architecture business and quickly realized that they both appreciate all the different ways paper can be used for artistic purposes. Later on, the duo decided to shift their attention to paper art, and that is how their artistic collective was born.

Most of the art that the duo produces revolves around nature and flora, and their pieces often include recreations of different botanic species such as irises, begonias, and magnolias. In order to make this intriguing art, Daphne uses multiple techniques including quilling, folding, cutting, and layering.

“The technique I use most can broadly be called ‘quilling’ since I work with strips of paper and lay them on edge to form designs,” – Daphne explains. “The paper strips are glued individually to create the artwork, not unlike sketching with paper.”

Check out some of these incredible works below.