Incredibly Detailed Unfinished Death Star II Diorama Has Taken 4 Years to Make

On July 5, 2015, a certain fan of the franchise that most of us grew up with and came to love (or hate), Star Wars, decided to create his very own Death Star II diorama.

It’s been four years since, and he’s still not done.

Twitter user C3poC3 recently posted an update on his masterpiece, and it’s clear that he’s still got a long way to go.

So, what exactly is taking C3poC3 so long?

Well, for starters, his attention to detail is staggering. Typically, a diorama like this wouldn’t take more than a couple of days if not weeks. But because C3poC3 is insistent on making the diorama as detailed as he possibly can, with the end result being an incredible piece of art that’s well worth the effort and the wait once it’s finished.

The model is believed to measure 50 centimeters in diameter, with each millimeter created to perfection.

Scroll down below to see more of C3poC3’s work in progress.