Indulge Yourself with Jessica Merchant’s Recipes

If you’re an Instagram junkie like we are, curating your feed can be a daunting task. One thing to keep in mind is: keep it light! Following accounts that make you happy—and more importantly, hungry—is crucial in the days of quarantine. With traveling limited to our kitchens, here at PlayJunkie, we seek out the best Instagram pages to keep you motivated.

This week, we present you with Jessica Merchant. The mastermind behind the hugely successful food blog How Sweet Eats, Merchant has amassed some 400,000 fans on Instagram (and counting!). Scrolling through her page, you’ll easily get hooked.

Merchant’s blog and accompanying Instagram offers anything from healthy recipes to comfort food and indulgent desserts to cocktails and mocktails. “One of my main points is to not be afraid to make things your own,” she told Bakepedia.

Merchant puts her money where her mouth is. A self-taught cook, she taught herself the ins and out of cooking and baking through trial and error. According to Merchant, she makes upwards of six recipes per day and tests most of her recipes at least once.

“My desserts aren’t as precise as many [dessert recipes], and a lot of them allow you to swap things in and out,” she admits. She adds that “it’s all about trial and error; that’s how I learned to bake. So don’t be afraid!”

Get your hands—and feed—messy by following her on Instagram. You can also purchase her best-selling cookbooks, Seriously Delish, and The Pretty Dish.