Joey Yu’s Illustrations Are Both Gentle and Zesty

At only 24, Joey Yu has made quite a name for herself, as both an illustrator and an animator. Based in London, her clients include The New York Times, Guardian, Hermes, and Ermenegildo Zegna (to name a few). And if that’s not enough she also dabbles in curation and fashion.

“I balance work in a very precarious, haphazard way,” she admitted in an interview with Babyface. “But I always knew I had to be multidisciplinary. I’m only happy if I’m taking on absolutely everything.”

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“I literally knew what I wanted to be since I was tiny,” she added. “Apparently when I was younger I would say I was going to be an author and an illustrator. I was obsessed with the library, I literally rinsed the children’s section of every book.”

Indeed, her illustrations are very narrative-driven, relying heavily on Yu’s observations and then turning these observations into stories. Describing her style as both gentle and zesty, she adds that “it’s very autobiographical and personal too, as my drawings are from my day to day life.”

Her advice to other creatives? “Believe you are someone important, and you will be.” Follow her Instagram page for more: