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Artist Cleverly Inserts Robots and Donuts Into Paintings

Growing up, contemporary artist Eric Joyner was obsessed with reading comics, drawing, and painting. He graduated from the Academy of Art University in San...

YouTuber Uses AI to Create a Fake Girlfriend So Family Would Leave Him Alone

Are you tired of your family asking whether you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? Then take a page from YouTuber Unmesh Dinda’s book and create a...

Chinese Student Invents “Remote Kissing Device”

Struggling with a long-distance relationship? Well, there is a new invention out there that could help you out. One Chinese student from the city...

Video of Impressive Dog Rescue Mission Restores Internet’s Faith in Humanity

There is a video of a dog rescue mission circulating on social media that is restoring the internet’s faith in humanity. And after watching...

Fashion Biologique is Finding Similarities Between Runway Looks and the Natural World

Fashion designers find inspiration everywhere around them and nature often plays an important part in shaping their creations. Jill Sherman noticed many runaways looks...

Just Fun

Robin Yayla is Putting a Fun Twist on Famous Buildings We Know and Love

Robin Yayla is equally passionate about drawing and travel, and he managed to combine his two big loves into one. This artist specializes in...

TikToker Helps 82-Year-Old Walmart Cashier Retire

TikTok is much more than just a platform with dancing videos and people doing challenges. It can also be a great tool for people...

This Artist Twists the World Around Him in His Paintings

Some artists have a knack for turning our world upside down with a stroke of a brush. Bruno Pontiroli is one of those artists....

These Skull-Shaped Toilet Bowl Can Be Your Cool New “Water Throne”

Want to take your toilet experience to a whole new level? Maybe not, but plumber-turned-innovator Claude Somajini believes he can convince you to do...

Get Lost in Dreamlike Illustrations by Karlotta Freier

Karlotta Freier is a talented illustrator whose works you might have seen in magazines and publications like Greenpeace Magazine, The New York Times, and...