John Bramblitt – a True Inspiration For Artists

Even blindness doesn’t keep some artists from pursuing their passion.

John Bramblitt is the number one blind artist in the world, who unfortunately lost his sight due to complications with epilepsy and Lyme’s disease. After he completely lost his sight, he fell into a deep depression until he discovered painting. The idea of getting color back into his life never even occurred to him that was possible, but he found a way through painting and learned how to distinguish individual colors by feeling their textures with the sense of touch.

Bramblitt taught himself how to create his paintings by allowing his hands to become his eyes. His paintings are mostly personal and taken from real events and people in his life.

At the beginning of his career, he didn’t even tell people that he was blind and he never imagined that anyone would ever want to see his paintings, but his work has received much recognition and several honors. He is also the author of the award-winning book ‘’Shouting in the Dark’’ where he describes his journey through struggling with epilepsy and blindness and how art changed his life.  

The existence of art is about what you can achieve and create, expressing your ideas and emotions, without limiting yourself.