Julie Jones is the Creative Artist Behind the “Soulful Baker”

Julie Jones is a magician in the kitchen who can make almost anything using only common ingredients.

Before she became highly praised for her delicious food, Julie worked in an office in accounts and management. Back in 2013, when she was in her early 30s, she decided to quit her job and dedicate her time to something that really interested her. This is when she realized that cooking was her biggest passion.

Julie started posting photos of her food on Instagram and she soon gathered a small community on her page. Around that time, Julie’s mother was diagnosed with dementia, so the two started baking together as a form of therapy. Julie often wrote in her posts that baking was always a comfort during those hard times.

This food artist now has more than 121 thousand followers on Instagram. She wrote a book called The Soulful Baker, which was pretty successful among the public, and her next book is due to be published in March next year.

Check out her amazing food creations in the photos below.

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I'm loving this heatwave! All I can say it's a good job I've now finished all the final testing as making pastry in this heat isn't ideal! It's rather a momentous day. I have given the final recipe it's final test today. Whooooop whoop. I've been working on these recipes pretty much non stop since January the 2nd! So I'm having a large glass of red in the sunshine to celebrate my achiements. 🍷 I'm happy with each and every one that made it in to the book. Some didn't, some frustrated me beyond words, some evolved along the way. Some made me cry, especially the one I designed for my Mum. A beautiful recipe that I dedicated and made thinking about her and what we've been through. I'd say it's my favourite sweet recipe in there. I can't wait for the days when you message me to say that you've made it. So special! 🥧 Now all thats left is the planning and preparation for the final shoots, where the rest of the photographs will be taken for the remainder of the book. The first half already looks so stunning! I can't wait for you to see it 📖 Another reason for a celebration….I've just booked a well needed holiday, my first since 2016. I cannot wait! What a great way to end the process. A lovely holiday with my boys 👩‍👦‍👦 Oh and btw, I haven't forgotten about the book giveaway on the last post….Ive just been rather busy 🤪 I think I'll get the boys to scroll through the answers and point to one randomly. I'll update you as soon as I've got them to do it! 🎉 I hope you're enjoy the sunshine with a vino in hand too 🌞 Lots of love and thanks for your patience xxx

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