Artist Creates Incredible Pixelated Wooden Sculptures

Blending the glitchy spirit of technology with the timelessness of the wooden medium, Taiwanese artist Han Hsu-Tung creates incredible and unique pixelated sculptures.

Appearing as if they might have jumped off your computer screen’s loading page or sprung from a phone as the batteries power off, Hsu-Tang crafts intricate pieces out of wood and then chips out numerous cubes to give his artwork a truly one of a kind pixelated appearance. 

His pieces tend to focus on the human body, with a series of sculptures in the shape of oversized ears, hands, torsos, and skulls. In addition, he has designed sculptures in the form of majestic horses and swans. 

Hsu-Tung begins his process by sketching and then transfers each sketch into a clay model. Next, the artist chooses the type of wood he sees fit for each individual piece. He has sculpted pieces out of walnut, teak, and African wax wood. The pixelation process is completed when Hsu-Tung delicately adds or removes a number of block shapes to the sculpture, finalizing the modern touches on his digitally inspired art. 

Check out his awesome pixelated sculptures below or visit his personal Facebook page.