This Guy Went Viral for Posting Photos of Himself Cleaning

Here’s a well-known secret to making your lady fall in love with you even more, or to getting that girl you like to consider going out with you – clean your act.

Michael Oonk went viral simply for posting photos of himself online. Mind you, these aren’t your typical photos. Instead, these are photos of himself doing “sexy” things, such as sweeping the floors and washing the dishes, which, according to him, is the secret to grabbing any women’s attention.

Obviously, ladies have been praising Oonk for his cleaning act. Some have even gone as far as to say that his girlfriend is definitely lucky to have him in her life. Regardless of what you think of his photos, one thing that we all can agree on is how much hotter a person is if they knew how to take care of their immediate environment.

Make sure that you scroll down below to see exactly how Oonk pulls it off. But be warned ladies, Oonk is already taken. As for the guys out there, try to be more like Oonk, alright? How hard could it be?