Karen Akhikyan’s Intriguing Wire Sculptures Capture Human Form in Motion

Karen Akhikyan is an internationally recognized artist who describes himself as a “master of wire sculptures.” Using metal wires, Akhikyan focuses on capturing the human form in motion, which results in intriguing works of art.

After engaging in various forms of art during his youth, including oil paintings, Akhikyan’s “insatiable curiosity” steered him towards sculptures some 15 years ago. He was particularly intrigued by the “boundless possibilities of shaping metal into mesmerizing forms,” and this medium has been the focal point of his creative practice.

Akhikyan’s wire sculptures show human forms climbing stairs, running, dancing, and performing all sorts of other movements. Occasionally, he pairs his metal sculptures with other objects like stones, briefcases, and parachutes to make them look even livelier.

According to the artist, “each sculpture possesses its own innate emotions, waiting to be discovered and brought to life,” and with his tools, he allows them to “dictate their own emotional expression, as if they possess a life force of their own.”

Over the years, Akhikyan exhibited his wired sculptures in galleries and festivals across the world, while his creations are also highly appreciated by art collectors. You can see more of his works by visiting his social media or by scrolling below.