Visitors at Florida Museum Can Now “Talk” to Salvador Dalí Thanks to Lobster Phone and AI

Image via temis1964/Depositphotos

The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, recently presented an interactive experience that gives visitors an opportunity to “talk” with famous Surrealist artist Salvador Dalí. The experience, called “Ask Dalí,” was made possible using a replica of Dalí’s famous “Lobster Phone” and Artificial Intelligence.

When visitors pick up the lobster phone replica, they are greeted by an AI recreation of Dalí’s voice. They can ask him a range of questions, including why the clocks are melting in his masterpiece “The Persistence of Memory” or “What’s up with your mustache?” and they will receive an answer.

“For years, people have attempted to understand my work, trying to find meaning in the surreal, to make sense of the dreams of a historic genius,” digital version of Dalí can be heard saying in the promotional video. “But how can anyone possibly know what is inside the burning mind of Salvador Dalí? No! They simply cannot. They are mere mortal human beings. But now, I can tell you.”

According to the museum, the AI model behind Dalí’s voice was trained using the famous artist’s writings and archival audio, thanks to which it is capable of providing “dynamic and unpredictable answers.” Additionally, the AI voice sounds remarkably similar to Dalí’s voice, while his answers reflect his unique personality and sense of humor.

The “Ask Dalí” interactive experience is officially open and will remain part of The Dalí Museum’s offering for the foreseeable future.