5-Year-Old Artist With Autism Creates Amazing Paintings

Tristan, a five-year-old boy with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, is a playful, happy child despite his life-changing diagnosis.

After seeing how much fun his older sister was having while painting, he started showing interest and asked his parents if he could also paint. At the time, his parents didn’t know how to respond as he has trouble with fine motor skills, which is a symptom of the diagnosis.

But, instead of giving up and letting their child down, they decided to get creative and find a different way for their son to paint. Just a day after Tristan asked his parents to paint, they purchased him his first acrylic color set and he instantly started “splashing, dripping, and spraying the pictures, he was discovering his own painting style,” his parents shared with PlayJunkie.

It wasn’t long before his parents realized that his creations were unique and special artworks and that they deserved to be shared with the world to reach as many people as possible. His Dad created an Instagram profile to showcase his artwork. The profile reads, “Tristan is a 5-year-old boy with Autism and talent to express himself through painting. As any proud dad, I started posting the paintings..,”

While Tristan paints, his parents record him and when he’s finished, he watches and analyzes his work with a big smile on his face!

As an autistic child, these paintings have not only allowed Tristan to create amazing works of art, but they’ve also been therapeutic for him. The way he expresses himself through his movements and actions and this thought process while painting is quite a magical experience.

Check out more amazing painting from this little artist who proves that anyone, no matter their limitations, can create amazing works of art and have so much fun while doing it!