Let Your Feet Do the Talking with These Socks

It all began with a joke when friends and designers Gil and Humberto posed the following question: what if our socks could talk? “It was one of those light bulb moments, but once the spark had been ignited we simply couldn’t turn it off,” they write on their website.

That simple question spiraled into a brand that now sells socks, designed to look like famous people and characters. “The idea came at a really memorable friend’s gathering many years ago,” they recalled in an interview with Inky Goodness. “We were entertained by the idea that socks could talk like puppets – but on feet rather than hands – and played around with this idea throughout the party. We thought it would be funny to make sock characters and the next time we met, we agreed to try to make this idea into a real thing. And the rest is history.”

Hence the brand ChattyFeet was born. Every pair of socks is produced in Europe from combed cotton and sold on their online store. You can also check out their Instagram page. You won’t be disappointed.