Lindsey Bugbee’s Calligraphy Art Will Delight You

Calligrapher Lindsey Bugbee finds inspiration for her art in almost anything but admits her greatest inspiration comes from her clients themselves. “It sounds cliché, but it’s true,” she told Sweet Meadow. “They’re the ones who give me ideas to build upon.”

With a knack for learning and being creative, Bugbee was drawn to calligraphy and design from a very young age, while growing up in Kansas. Now based in Boulder, Colorado, with her husband and baby boy, she says that her childhood in that rural Kansas was very quiet and uneventful, and so she needed to figure out a way to entertain herself.

“Eventually I discovered that making art was a great way to have fun,” she recalled. “My mother didn’t mind letting me draw or paint on certain walls, and we had a sand driveway that I could make line drawings in after it rained. My grandmother used to color and paint with me, and I remember watching her and thinking, ‘I wish I could keep inside the lines like that!'”

Working nowadays as a calligraphy teacher, she adds: “I think that pretty penmanship comes with being able to draw. If you can convincingly depict a 3D object onto a 2D object (e.g. draw a sunflower on a piece of paper), you can write. It just takes a steady hand and some practice! I don’t use traditional calligraphy styles, though; I like making up styles as I go. Often I create new styles depending on the client and what I think will be best for their event.”

Check out her wonderful work in the gallery below: