Artist Transforms Company Logos Into Terrifying Weapons

Tom Galle’s art is cutting edge, to say the least. Using self-made tech apps and gadgets, he makes it a point to comment on the dissonance of technology in the average person’s life today and uses social media to great effect to achieve this.

This time around, he decided to put his creativity to good use, by attacking head-on American corporations. However, he didn’t do it quite literally, as he did symbolically by turning their recognizable logos into terrifying weapons.

No corporate brand has been spared from Galle’s ruthless hand. From Nike to McDonald’s, as well as pretty much every other big corporate brand that you can think of, Galle’s logo weapons are here to make a statement.

Hate it or love it, be prepared to be in awe as this artist turns company logos into actual weapons.This already go without saying, but do NOT try this at home.