Lisa Lloyd Creates Amazing Birds and Butterflies From Paper

So many times we were impressed by the versatility of paper and talented artists who are using it to create awesome works of art. London-based artist Lisa Lloyd is one of those skilled paper artists who is creating incredibly beautiful and lifelike birds and butterflies from paper.

The first step in Lloyd’s creative process is to create the skeleton of the animal, and then she adds more than 4,000 hand-crafted paper pieces to imitate the feathers. The artist says that she recently created a butterfly sculpture that posed a great challenge for her.

“Through practice, I’ve learned how to sculpt the paper so they look like they’re titling and turning their heads, which makes them feel more alive. Also, I try to give the wings the appearance that the birds are ruffling their feathers, also to make them seem more alive,” Lloyd said in an interview Colossal.

Take a look at Lloyd’s beautiful paper sculptures in the photos below.