Can’t Keep a Plant Alive? Try These Paper Plants Instead

Houseplants have been an ever-growing trend in the past few years, and social media is choke-full of people growing luscious jungles in small apartments. But while the allure of urban jungles is understandable, it’s not for everybody. Plants are living things, and some people just cannot keep them alive. Corrie Beth Hogg has the solution: paper plants.

Corrie Beth is a lifelong artist with a passion for crafting and DIY. She’s been creating with papier-mâché, paper, wood, fabric, and other materials for years, and her works have been featured in some of the biggest art and design magazines out there.

Recently her focus has been on recreating the most popular houseplants with paper. For her, paper plants combine the joy of crafting with the beauty of nature. Paper plants are affordable, don’t need to be watered, and never die.

Her Instagram account, Corrie Beth Makes, is dedicated to her leafy creations, which are incredibly realistic. She’s even published a book with step-by-step guides to creating your own papery garden! Even crazy plant folks with green thumbs and actual plants will enjoy this fun, creative idea.