Lovely Comics About the Green Mermaid

After a quarrel between fans of The Little Mermaid over Ariel’s skin-color in the movie that’s about to be filmed, one artist from Ukraine probably got sick of it and made his version of this iconic character. He made the mermaid green and drew his own version of the story in the format of a webcomic, and posted it on his Instagram account. Episode by episode, the audience fell in love with it. It seems like the mermaid looks even better with green skin. 

The artist’s name is Andy Ivanov, and he called this story May, the Mermaid of Lily Lake. Quickly after he posted it, it was all over the internet.  

This artist’s Instagram rapidly gained followers, as everyone wanted to see the next episode of the series, so right now, he has over 222k people following his account.  

The webcomic depicts a fight between nature and people, nobility and greed, good and evil, and it features a happy ending -which can usually be found in fairytales.  

Here we are posting a couple of photos just to tease, but we strongly recommend visiting Andy’s Instagram account and checking out this drawn remake of a well-known fairytale.