Man Uses Pressure Washer to Create Art on Pavement

We have all, at one point, used a pressure washer to write our name or draw some shape on the pavement. However, artist Sam Ward decided to take this activity to a whole other level by creating full-scale artworks.

For Ward, the pressure washer is his brush, and the dirty pavement is his canvas. Removing the dirt in a meticulous way, he manages to create depictions of animals, flowers, celebrities, and much more.

Ward started this intriguing project, which he calls Power Washing Art, during the pandemic. One day he bought some colored chalks and decided to have a drawing session with his kids on the driveway. However, with the driveway being quite dirty, he decided he would first clean it with a pressure washer.

Quickly getting bored, Ward started using the pressure washer to draw some flames. He returned the next day to finish the job, but ended up making even more drawings with the pressure washer. It soon became a hobby for him before growing into a passion project and bringing him a significant social media following.  

“I could not be more thankful for the opportunities I have been given, all because I didn’t have the patience to clean my whole driveway one day,” Ward shares on his website.

Check out more of Ward’s pressure washer artworks below.