Man Wanted to Release Rescue Squirrel to the Wild, But She Didn’t Want to Leave

We often witness heartwarming stories about strong bonds between people and animals. However, the story about a man named Paul and his pet squirrel Stella is something special.

Paul came across Stella when she was just a baby. Her mother left her, and she seemed to be in trouble as the birds from the area were picking on her. So Paul decided to bring the squirrel to his home and nurture her until she was ready to return to the wild.

After the squirrel recovered and seemed ready to be on her own, Paul decided to let her go. However, a strange thing happened. Squirrel just didn’t want to leave his side. So, he decided to keep her, and the two are now best friends.

Paul still lets Stella blow off some steam by taking her to the park, where she climbs trees and collects acorns. However, she ends up returning to him every time.

“She comes back all the time,” shared Paul. “She won’t even leave the area that I’m around.”

Stella also has her own Instagram account, where Paul posts her everyday adventures and cute photos of the two. You can check out more of them by continuing to scroll.