Eric Pause Captures “Fractured Moments of Time” in His Acrylic Paintings

Eric Pause is a Canadian artist who uses geometrical shapes to create acrylic paintings that capture “fractured moments of time.” The artist’s goal is to “capture multiple moments and splice them into a single image” and give viewers a sense of the passage of time compared to viewing a single moment.

Pause has a background in graffiti, where he started his artistic journey as a teenager. This medium allowed him to broaden his horizons regarding the possibilities of art. In the following years, the Ontario native experimented with different techniques and materials, which led to him finding his own voice as an artist.

“The place where my style has ended up is simply a combination of my favorite styles to paint—a mix of cubism, collage, illustration, super flat, and abstract styles organized together in a very clean fashion,” he explained in a recent interview.

In his works, Pause uses a limited color palette that includes various shades of blue, grey, and wood grain. This is a deliberate decision, as they produce a “calming” effect, according to the artist himself.

The complexity of Pause’s artworks and the way all the geometrical shapes correlate with one another give a sense that there is a long process of mapping and planning behind each painting. But the truth is that this talented artist actually only has an idea of an emotion he wants to project with each piece.

“I tend to start with an idea of what kind of emotion or story I want the finished painting to convey, and work backward from there,” he explains.

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