Marcel Van Luit’s Whimsical Images Will Brighten Up Your Day

Marcel van Luit is a Netherlands-based digital artist and photographer with an incredible talent for pouring his imagination into pieces of beautiful, dreamy art.  

His journey of becoming an artist was not easy. Soon after he had his first son, and while he was working as a social worker, his life turned upside down as he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome which had him completely paralyzed and in a rehabilitation center for a long time. He was devastated, terribly missing his son and had nothing to do, so he figured he needed a hobby. That’s how he started taking pictures of his boy and editing them into dream worlds.  

With his imagination and his children as his biggest inspirations, he creates impressive images that are always worth a closer look. Playing with darkness and light and mixing reality with illusion, he’s able to fully unleash his creativity and stops only when he’s absolutely happy with the results. Thanks to his stunning, light-hearted work, he quickly became popular on Instagram and got noticed in the European art scene, and now he gets commissions from clients all around the world. 

Each image is remarkable by itself and it’s almost impossible to look away!  

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The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety 🌟

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