This Floral Artist Creates Lovely Herbariums That Will Inspire You to Do the Same

When it comes to clothes and home decorations, floral designs have been trending for a couple of years now. In fact, floral designs on printed fabrics for dresses, tablecloths, carpets, etc. are immensely popular for people of all ages and cultures. 

Tatiana Lazaryk is a floral artist who started making gentle, dreamy, and soothing flower herbariums one year ago. She was inspired by the elegance of flowers and their rich colors. Since then, she has made great progress and earned adoration from many fans. Her glass herbariums can be a fantastic addition to any environment, especially ones that celebrate gentle minimalism. 

Tatiana always wanted to learn how to save beautiful bouquets and enjoy them for years to come. She began by pressing flowers between pages of books, then learned how to keep flowers in their best condition, bright and vivid.  

If you like her work, you can purchase it via her shop on Etsy. Her pieces can bring a breath of fresh air to any home and they look so inspiring that you will start googling how to preserve your favorite flowers forever right away!