Mark Rober Uses Science… For Fun!

Whether you like science or not, there’s no denying that science is all around us. Mark Rober is here to show us that it can also be fun.

Rober is an engineer and inventor from Sunnyvale, California, who’s dedicated his life to science. After receiving a BA and Master’s degrees in engineering, he joined NASA and worked there for 9 years. In his free time, he also worked on his own ideas, and even founded and sold his own company.

While science and engineering have always fascinated Mark, he knows STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) isn’t as accessible for others. That’s why he also started his own YouTube channel, where he makes pranks, builds machines and explores scientific ideas in fun, approachable ways.

So far, he’s invented a prank to make your friends think you can pull a watermelon whole out of its shell, powered up an electric car with melons, created a glow wall, and invented a glitter trap for package thieves.

Mark’s approach to science is relaxed and fun. He proves that science isn’t just for serious grown-ups in lab coats. In fact, with a little bit of creativity, science can be for everybody.