Simona Murialdo Adds a Little Shine to Her Fashion Illustrations

Simona Murialdo’s fashion illustrations are bright, shiny, and fabulous. Having studied Graphic Design in Milan and Fashion Illustration in London, where she lived and worked for many years, she’s now back in Milan where she works as a fashion illustrator and art director, as well as teaches Graphic and Multimedia Design at the prestigious Istituto Marangoni.

“I am very fortunate because I work every day with groups of young creative students from all over the world,” she told I Love Illustration. “I get to share ideas with them and artistically direct them through different projects.”

Her work also fuses different mediums, such as animations, video, 2D graphic as well as traditional illustrations, helping her to access a constant creative flow. “With illustration, I have struggled a bit to maintain a definitive style and I know this is sometimes a flaw, especially for someone working as a professional,” she says. “Iʼve got a ‘transitional period’ every few years in which I get bored of what I do and search for new fresh inspirations.”

But though her work varies one thing remains constant: she always starts by drawing on paper. “I still cannot work natively in digital,” she admits, “but will see, never say never.” With her latest project, Murialdo attempts to describe what seems most influential and inspiring in the contemporary fashion panorama in a sort of both illustrative and commentary Fashion Visual Story.

Here are some highlights from her Instagram page: