Matthew Grabelsky Creates Amazing Surreal Paintings

Matthew Grabelsky is an artist from L.A. who was inspired by the New York City subway to create this series of surreal paintings. The subjects of his paintings are humans from the neck down, while their heads are replaced with animal heads.

Grabelsky lives in L.A., but he grew up in NYC. Additionally, he’s always been fascinated by Greek mythology, which contains many stories about human nature being represented by animals. “The characters are symbolic of the kinds of thoughts that lie under the surface of people’s minds, and they reveal that the most extraordinary can exist in the most ordinary of everyday settings,” the artist told Prohbtd.

Grabelsky graduated from Rice University with high honors. He earned a BA in Art and Art History. His work is often shown in exhibitions around the globe.

Check it out below.

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“Snack Time”, new oil painting for “Mother & Child” opening Friday at @dorothycircus in Rome. My Cousin’s wife and son modeled for this one. I had a piece of bamboo to use as a prop and my little cousin unprompted started to chew on it which was perfect for a baby panda. If you look at the subway window behind their heads you can see my mother reflected on the right. I thought this was a fitting touch for a mother and child themed show as I spent a lot of time sitting on my mom’s lap when I was a kid. . I’m very excited to be showing my work in Rome. I lived in Florence for 4 years while I was studying painting at @angelacademyofart and later on spent a winter in Rome. It was a magical experience and the Italian Renaissance and Baroque artists have had an outsized influence on my work. I’ve often wished I could go back in time to meet Rapheal and Michelangelo and It’s a thrill to exhibit in the city where they painted. . This group show has an amazing lineup and will be running concurrently at Dorothy Circus Gallery’s locations in Rome and London. If you can make it check it out! . Mother & Child Dorothy Circus Gallery Via dei Pettinari 76, Rome Opening: Friday, April 13th, 6-8 pm On View: April 13th – June 9th . . . #panda #pandas #mother #mom #motherandchild #motherandson #kungfupanda #dorothycircusgallery #rome #animals #manhattan #subway #oil #oilpainting #painting #contemporarypainting #contomporaryart #realism #fineart #figurative #newyork #nyc #newyorkcity #grabelsky

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