Meet Chester, The Grumpy Dog

In the animal world, cats are usually the ones who are grumpy, right? However, if you love dogs and you are a dog person, rather than a cat person, we have great news for you. We found your grumpy dog!

Meet Chester, also known as Grumpy Sheeb on social media. Born in September 2006, according to his owner Kirby Kaufman, the 12-year-old Shiba Inu, is the grumpiest dog you have ever seen.

β€œChester is a drama queen,” his owner told Bored Panda. β€œHe’s very grumpy and clingy. He loves being petted. But only when he lets you pet him. Typical shiba attitude.”

You can find Chester on social media where he is slowly becoming an Instagram star; he already has a following of over 8.3 thousand dog lovers.

Scroll down and check out the grumpiest dog in the world.