Milica Golubović’s Illustrations Are All About Positive Vibes

Award-winning illustrator and graphic designer Milica Golubović is known for her poetic digital imagery, which is aimed at creating a light-hearted atmosphere, using color and texture. Originally from Kotor, Montenegro, and currently based in Belgrade, Serbia, she draws inspiration from nature, the Mediterranean seaside, and everyday life, in all its mundanity.

“I’m mostly inspired by the sea and the seashore, clear sky and sunny days,” Golubović stressed in an interview with Talenthouse. “I would say that generally, Mediterranean life is a big part of that well from which I draw inspiration. It’s not so easy to explain the exact thing I find inspiring about it, but it is present as a general feeling in my life and work. I think that it can be felt by looking at my work, it gives it a dreamy, calm, and a bit of a poetic atmosphere.”

Exploring a broad spectrum of subjects, her illustrations touch on topics like lifestyle, health, and wellness, nature and environment, and female empowerment; with her work including editorials, branding, and advertising.

Her illustrations are all digital, employing a Wacom graphic tablet. “I prefer digital over analog because it gives me more freedom to experiment,” Golubović admits. “As I really often change my mind about how something should look, it is more convenient for me to draw digitally and it is less time-consuming.”

Take a look at some of her work in the gallery below: