Miniature Artist Recreates Historic Interiors at a 1:12 Scale

Chris Toledo is a miniature artist who crafts adorable and very detailed historic building interiors. His impressive miniature rooms are a perfect recreation of historic architecture at an impressive 1:12 scale.

Toledo’s love for art and architecture dates back to his childhood, and he claims he always loved to create. When he discovered miniatures it was love at first sight, because this art form is the perfect mix of every medium he’s ever loved.

“When creating my miniature pieces, the process can take from one month to almost two years to create a single piece,” the artist said in an interview with Bored Panda. “Each model I create starts with extensive research of the era and time period I’m trying to recreate,” Chris said. He goes through his collection of home plans and building guides from the early 20th century to make sure his pieces are 100% accurate.

Check out Chris’ miniature pieces in the photos below and make sure to follow this amazing artist on Instagram.

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Some detail shots of the finished kitchen.

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