Marina Paredes Creates Miniature Wooden Houses

When Marina Paredes was a child, she used to collect miniature toys. “I had a whole shelf of them,” she recalled in an interview with The Daily Mini. “My favorites were the Polly Pockets.”

Now a model maker and a creator of miniatures herself, her miniature wooden houses are shared on her Instagram account and sold online. “The first miniature I made was when I was around 10 years old,” she says. “I made it with toothpicks and it was a little house with small furniture. I remember that in order to open and close the door, I used a piece of cloth. I still keep it with much affection.”

Based in Spain, she incorporates in her work various types of wood, which include softwood like balsa or hardwood like linden, to which she adds detail in clay. The finished product is then painted using acrylic paint.

“One thing that I enjoy very much is making miniature versions of people’s houses,” she says. “It is very exciting for them and I have a good time.” She adds that she especially enjoys making small furniture, and adding details like plants, carpets, paintings, and televisions. “When you put them together they are like a small town,” she says.

“For me, the most difficult thing is to make very small objects without losing too many details,” she added. Step into her small (and quite delightful!) town: