Mom Creates Adorable Food Art That Any Kid Will Love

Laleh Mohmedi describes herself as “a mum making my son’s healthy organic meals into food art.”

In May 2015, Mohmedi started turning her son’s meals into fun art when she created a lion out of pancakes. Her son, Jacob, would ask her to make him a character from a movie he had seen.

“Jacob and I would get creative in the kitchen and discuss the ingredients that we were using and the benefits. For example, when he was 3, we would talk about how Kale was a superfood. He would ask why, and I would say ‘because superheroes love eating it’,” she wrote on Bored Panda.

“We love to use fresh, healthy produce and no refined sugar or preservatives. All our creations are dyed using vegetables and natural powders such as activated charcoal,” she added.

She then began posting their creations on her social media accounts called Jacob’s Food Diaries, to inspire other parents to be creative in the kitchen.

Since then, she has been featured on famous magazines and TV shows such as Time Magazine, Huffington Post, The Today Show USA, The Today Show Australia, Sunrise, ABC TV, and Disney Channel Australia. She also collaborated with big companies including Disney, Nickelodeon, Universal Pictures, Barcelona FC, Jamie Oliver, and 20th Century Fox. Check out her latest posts below.