Visual Artist Does Quirky Interventions on Typewriters

Glenda León is a visual artist based in Havana, Cuba whose work expands into numerous media including drawing, video art, installations, and photography. Recently she started working on a new and intriguing project which sees her doing quirky interventions on second-hand typewriters and turning them into art pieces. 

León’s interventions include replacing the keys or the type bars with different things including matches, needles, and teeth. Each of these interventions isn’t just pure cosmetic transformation but are also aimed to send a message.

“The pieces of human teeth establish an analogy between the act of speaking, chewing, consuming and writing,” – says León about piece The Insatiable Writer which contains teeth instead of type bars. “In the absence of something to swallow, or imagining only a blank sheet as possible food, writing becomes then a devourer of voids, blank sheets.”

Check out some of these intriguing works below.