Nina Cosford’s Illustrations Are Quirky and Full of Personality

Freelance illustrator Nina Cosford lives and works in South-east England. Her illustrations cover various themes and often “focus on female narrative and daily documentation of people and places,” as we learn on her website.

Cosford has worked on many advertising and editorial projects and books, and also collaborated with HBO to promote Lena Dunham’s show Girls.

Dunham is one of the women Cosford looks up to and she feels lucky she got a chance to work with her. “I’m also really excited about what future work she and other modern feminists, creatives and thinkers are going to inspire and am really chuffed to be a part of this stream of people, responding in my own way,” she said in an interview with Inky Goodness.

She has over 200k followers on her Instagram page and has recently been named one of the Top 20 Female Illustrators by Stylist Magazine.