Papa John’s Creates World’s First Pizza For Bees

Have you ever wondered what type of pizza a bee would order?

According to Papa John’s, there’s only one answer, and its an inch sized slice called the Beezza. 

Designed solely for bees, the fast-food chain created the petite pizza in coordination with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to raise awareness of the drop in the world’s bee populations. The pizza comes complete with Papa John’s dough and is finished off with wildflowers and local pollen. 

“We’re delighted that Papa John’s is supporting our work to protect and feed the nation’s bumblebees,” said Darryl Cox, senior science and policy officer of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, in a conversation with Food & Wine. “It may seem hard to believe, but without bumblebees, there would be no pizza. Tomato plants hold their pollen in extremely tight structures and literally need a bumblebee to buzz the pollen out to fertilize the flowers. This free-bee service means we can produce enough tomatoes to satisfy the global demand for pizza and other tomato-based products.”

The bee pizza follows a recent trend of creating miniature eateries to feed and raise awareness of our flying friends. Earlier this year, a McDonald’s in Sweden created a beehive-shaped like the fast-food restaurant, aptly called the McHive.