This Brand Will Inspire You to Wear Your Ceramics

Jewelry, decoration, and ceramic brand Julieta Alvarez creates pastel-colored pieces that are a breath of fresh air. The Spanish brand, run by sisters Julieta and Rocio Alvarez, works with natural materials and artisanal techniques, with a goal to create a small community of people who love well-done handmade products.

“I’m in love with ceramic because is a material that allows almost everything,” admitted Julieta Alvarez in an interview with Cup of Couple. “You can experiment with it, try new things, learn, make jewelry, sculptures or just disconnect from the world and lose track of time.”

Coming from a fashion and graphic design background, it all started when Alvarez decided to mix things up by taking a ceramic course. “I needed a change and I decided to take a course imparted by Resu Labrador, an artisan that had a workshop near home,” she explained. “I used to go there full of ideas, and she taught me different techniques to achieve my objectives. Since then, I haven’t stopped!”

Inspired by nature, the sisters’ pieces are currently available in five continents at cities like Paris, Tokyo, New York, Sidney, London, and Helsinki. Their pieces have also been shown at galleries, stores, and international museums. Take a look at some of our favorites in the gallery below: