Rachel Beltz Is Turning Conventional Watercolors On Their Head

American artist Rachel Beltz believes that “beauty is in the little things.” In her case, the “little things” are impressively detailed miniature watercolors. 

“I have been creating miniatures for just about two years now, taking one year off to focus on my health,” said Beltz on her website, “I have a background of art from years of high school lessons, but beyond that, I taught myself the art of painting miniatures.”

Beltz believes her tiny watercolor paintings can “push her audience out of the daily norm; making them remember the “smaller,” beautiful details of life,” according to her website. 

From tree frogs to trombones, Beltz has painted a wide array of subjects, all measuring about the size of a quarter. 

Beltz also paints a number of pop culture characters, including the cast of Harry Potter as well as various musicians from the 1980s and today. She even painted a  realistic recreation of her parent’s wedding photo. 

In order to demonstrate the actual size of her paintings in photos, Beltz places another small object beside the watercolor. These objects range from AirPods to grapes. 

Squint at some of Beltz’s tiny work below or visit her website.