Paper Artist Recreates Household Items

Korean artist Lee Ji-Hee is a master in folding paper who enjoys recreating household items and turning them to magic. Her unbelievably intricate paper sculptures are shaped like anything and everything, from fruit and vegetables to vintage cameras and cabinets.

In 2017, the 45-year-old artist created an entire series dedicated to vintage cameras using bright colored paper. “As anyone can take a picture with their mobile phone in this era, they feel the nostalgia for the film camera”, Ji-Hee talked about her inspiration for the project.

“The texture and the color is different depending on the paper,” she added, talking about her creative process. “When I look at a piece of paper, I think of some object I’m planning to make.”

Her detailed designs will leave you impressed and most probably hungry, and her Instagram page is definitely worth checking out. Take a look at some highlights from it below: