Russian Couple Creates Incredibly Realistic Dolls

Russian couple Anastasiya and Sergey Lutsenko handcraft amazingly realistic dolls that look astonishingly life-like thanks to their detailed design. The finished products are both notalgic and awe-inducing, proving that grown-ups can also enjoy some playtime.

“We draw our inspiration from everyday life,” say the artists. “It is always interesting to watch people and find some character types that stand out from the crowd.” Even though the Lutsenkos have made dozens of dolls in the last eight years, they have never repeated the same design twice, making each doll a one of a kind.

“Each doll has its own history and is one of a kind,” they explain. “It is fundamentally important for us to use decorative elements [and carving] that are unique for each doll.”

Both artists are graduates in classical art and have started making these beautiful dolls in 2011. To see more of their creations, check out the photos below and make sure to follow them on Instagram.