Pastry Chef Creates Mouthwatering Giant Chocolate Matches

If you spend a fair share of your time on TikTok, then you are probably familiar with creations from Amaury Guichon. This pastry chef from Las Vegas is a social media sensation thanks to his unbelievable desserts that look amazing and probably taste even better.

Recently, Guichon presented a new mouthwatering creation that once again took social media by storm. He created giant chocolate matches with an accompanying matchbox that is, you’ve guessed it, also made out of chocolate.

In a viral clip shared on TikTok, which received close to 7 million views in less than a week, Guichon is seen creating matchsticks out of caramelized white chocolate before smoking them with oak wood. Then, the pastry chef makes matchstick heads out of “two crunchy vanilla sable cups, a milk chocolate caramel ganache, and a milk chocolate spread” before coating them with caramelized vanilla marshmallow and a thin layer of red-colored chocolate.

Next, he proceeds to build an incredibly realistic matchbox out of chocolate that is 100% edible. When everything is put together, it looks simply fantastic.


Chocolate Matches! 🔥 Strike and eat! The perfect snack to enjoy under the stars. #amauryguichon #chocolate #smores

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Other TikTok users were as amazed with Guichon’s creation as we were and made sure to praise the pastry chef in the comments section.

“I don’t think there’s anything you CAN’T make with chocolate,” one user wrote.

“Idk what level he’s on, but he’s by himself up there,” another added.