Artist Creates Ceramic Sculptures of Whimsical Creatures from Imaginary Planet

Monsieur Cailloux is a French artist whose whimsical ceramic sculptures are unlike anything you’ve seen so far. The reason for it is that they all come from an imaginary planet.

With his sculptures, Cailloux is creating a whole new world of unknown creatures that visit Earth. They belong to a Cailloux tribe and live on the stone planet MRCX. Most of these creatures resemble stones of various shapes and colors with minimalistic facial features.

The members of the Cailloux tribe are also characterized by having three legs. This is explained as their evolutionary trait that allows them to travel across MRCX with astonishing speed.

You’ll often find that these creatures are full of irregularities, cosmetic flaws, and unusual features. According to Cailloux, this is done by purpose. He isn’t striving to make a perfect piece and instead embraces when it doesn’t turn out the way he planned.

“I try to make visible the humanity that is hidden in us by pressing on the irregularities and flaws of a handmade work. Mistakes are then, for me, a source of happiness,” Cailloux shared with Colossal in a recent interview.

All members of the Cailloux tribe who visit Earth are available for adoption, and there is a long line of art enthusiasts who want to give them a new home. But you can still meet them thanks to Cailloux’s Instagram page, where he regularly shares his newest creations.