Phil Morgan Makes Post-modern Street Art

Based in Wales, UK, Phil Morgan works in an incredibly versatile range of formats; anything from murals and skateboard art to paintings and screen prints. His work borrows from the aesthetics of previous eras – including ‘70s psychedelia, ‘80s technology, and ‘90s street culture – and drags them up to the present day in new and twisted forms. Describing his work as the ultimate in post-modern street art, Morgan takes well-known elements from worldwide pop culture and repurposes them with a wink and a smile.

“I try to add a lot of humor in my illustrations which I guess also reflects what type of person I am,” he added in an interview with Another Fine Mess. “I don’t take things too seriously,” he adds. “I am an early bird so I’m up first thing working on various projects. I like keeping as active with work as much as possible.”

With a background as both a musician and skateboarder, his roots more often than not sneak into his work, with punk rock nods to the likes of Henry Rollins, The Ramones, and Fugazi. His distinctive style has also been embraced by a plethora of skate and surf companies (including Vans, Toy Machine, and Santa Cruz Skateboards), but he has also caught the attention of more mainstream brands, with features and collaborations with the Washington Post, Urban Outfitters, and Dr. Martens.

“I grew up skateboarding from the age of eight years old,” he recalled. “I was in a band through my twenties also, but I don’t play music anymore. Skateboarding actually got me back in to my art about six years ago when I designed a bunch of skate graphics for my friend’s skate company called Crayon Skateboards. I always dreamed of one day seeing my art on a wizz plank.”

Sadly, he adds, both his skateboard and bass guitar are gathering dust as he’s too busy painting these days. Scroll down to see some of his work:

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‘ Never Had One Lesson ‘

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