Photogenic Goat Goes Viral

How often do you see an animal that’s arguably more attractive than most people you interact with on a daily basis?

Very seldom, yes?

Well, consider this day one of those rare times.

An 11-month-old Saanen goat named Ramos (or Remos), who lives at the Muhammad Livestock farm in Malaysia, recently went viral after capturing the hearts of netizens from all over the world because of how good-looking it was.

Seriously, we’re not joking — this goat looks good and it isn’t afraid to flaunt it.

Ahmad M. Fadzir, the farm’s owner, also seems to like Remos’ newfound attention and popularity, even sharing that he’s been getting offers about people wanting to buy Remos.

For now, he intends to keep the handsome goat.

Scroll down below to see photos of this majestic and beautiful creature in action.