These Artists Prove That Birds of a Feather Indeed Flock Together

Nayan Shrimali and Vaishali Chudasama of the NVIllustrationdesign studio make jewelry and dioramas, but it is their paper birds that have caught the internet’s attention.

Made with cut paper and watercolors, their miniature art is made with astonishing precision. Hand-cut and hand-painted entirely by hand, each artwork takes from 4-8 hours to complete depending on the details of the feathers and colors.

“The concept of this miniatures is to express the intricacy and vibrancy of the birds around us,” shared the paper artists with Bored Panda. “We used the technique of layered paper cutting to give volume to the artworks and get a three-dimensional feel to them.”

You can also purchase their paper art in their Etsy shop. Here are some of our favorites: