Polite Sharpei Wants to Be Tucked in

Image via avathetappingpei/Instagram

Sharpei’s are the cutest pooches in the globe. They are a blend of completely bizarre looking and devastatingly adorable. Why wouldn’t you love them? These pets grow up to be unique looking adult dogs, kind of like a walrus-manatee-hippo hybrid with an adorable curly tail.

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Sleep bark

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Meet Ava, the polite Sharpei

When she wants something from her mom, she taps her politely. Recently, she went viral on social media for politely asking to be tucked in. When she wants to snuggle, she taps her arm gently to wake her up so she can sleep under the covers.

She is also very polite when asking her mom for anything. Below you can see her doing the dirty work of begging for coconut oil while her friends sit idly and watch.

She is such an obedient pooch. Look how she sits. So adorable.

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Happy Thursday everyone!

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She also knows when to put away electronic gadgets.