Prue Stent’s Portraits Are Something Else

Prue Stent’s photography captures our imagination like nothing else. Featuring subjects that are covered or half-covered with vibrant fabrics that twist and turn around their bodies, her portraits have a futuristic (almost alien) edge to them.

Collaborating mostly with her friend and artist, Honey Long, the
Melbourne-based photographer has worked for high-end brands like Gucci, with her portraits being featured in galleries in Los Angeles, Zurich, Rome, Tokyo, New York, and more.

“I usually say I’m a photographer, I feel a bit funny saying I’m an artist,” Stent admitted in a chat with i-D. “I shouldn’t, because I don’t actually make any money off commercial photography. But I still feel a bit self-conscious about it. I guess it’s the uncertainty of being an artist, that it doesn’t really feel like a legitimate job and you never know when you’re going to have to go and seek other work.”

But with 200k followers on Instagram, we can’t imagine a time or place where her work wouldn’t be sought after. Take a look for yourself.
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Beaded Mollusk collaboration with @honeylong

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