The Beautiful Mosaic Portraits of Charis Tsevis

Charis Tsevis is a Greek visual designer and artist who creates gorgeous mosaic portraits. His art is inspired by many people, from popular TV characters to famous people from around the world. The last series he created is called African Bricks and it was inspired by his visit to Africa and everything he saw there.

“Africa was love at first sight,” the artist tells My Modern Met. “I have learned so much about its cultures, but most of all I have felt that there was something so important in this land.” He was particularly in awe of the houses made of bricks and many other materials that show creativity and celebrate life.

Two of the portraits from his series belong to award-winning writer Amanda Gorman, and Jamaican American reggae artist Keznamdi. Gorman’s portrait was named after Maya Angelou’s poem And Still I Rise and it’s a powerful and confident work. Wonderful vibrant colors make this series one of the most beautiful things Tsevis ever did.

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