Puppies Were Found Holding Hands at Playtime

When we drop our children off at daycare for the first time we can only hope they will make lasting friendships. For many people, their dogs are like their children, and dog owners want their dogs to form relationships with other dogs.

When Golden Retriever Billie’s mom Emily Buchenberger sent her to a puppy play hour she didn’t know what to expect.

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loved my first hike! made friends and ate sticks 😋

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She had no idea Billie would form such great friendships. Billie happened to automatically make friends with the two other Golden Retriever puppies at her play hour, they were inseparable from the start. They became so close that they started having meetings under different play objects, hiding from the other dogs.

“Most puppies ran around or jumped onto the objects, but not the goldens,” Buchenberger told Bored Panda. “They almost exclusively played with each other underneath the objects in secrecy.”

One day another puppy parent wanted to know what was so secretive that the puppies needed to be hidden from the other dogs, so he raised the box they were hiding under and he found the dogs holding hands. How cute is that?

“We found them all calmly interlocking paws,” Buchenberger said. “They definitely were not expecting to be exposed and immediately dispersed. Soon after, they met back up underneath the bridge to secretly play.”

Check out the short, but absolutely adorable moment below.