Cedric the Chihuahua is Too Pure for This World

If you’re a fan of all things miniature, your heart might as well explode when you encounter the following Instagram celebrity. Based in Montreal, Chihuahua Cedric is one tiny, tiny pup. How tiny? A bit larger than a mango, and about the size of a small watermelon.

Known for his hilarious Instagram posts, he’s often sporting cute outfits and costumes, highlighting is tiny frame. With just one tooth and his tongue proudly sticking out, Cedric is too pure for this world.

“I was the last puppy left in the litter that no one wanted, because I have a severe overbite,” admitted the pup in a mock interview with Dog Whisperer HQ (for the time being, his owners choose to stay anonymous). “My humans knew my biological father and that’s how they learned about me. They had been wanting a small dog that they could easily travel with.”

It was when his owners saw a video of the pup playing with his siblings that they fell in love immediately and made the decision to take him in. “When they first saw me in person, they were surprised. I had seemed much bigger in the photos and videos. They were terrified that they would accidentally step on me or hurt me. We got to know each other over a few weeks and they stopped worrying as they saw I was very smart and careful.”

Don’t take this tiny pooch for granted. With some 60k followers on Instagram alone, and some viral videos comparing him to different-sized fruit and vegetable, Chihuahua Cedric is the next best thing on the internet. You’ll have to trust us on that.